Construction and Technical Expertise

Construction and technical expertise is required if you have the following questions:

1. You need to legalize the “unauthorized” construction, newly constructed, and the reconstruction or redevelopment. 2. You doubt that the quality of the construction works at your facility corresponds to the project and the requirements of regulations (GOST, SNIP, PO, etc.). 3. Your property suffered damage as a result of construction works on adjacent land areas, or in apartments in a multistoried building. 4. In case of claims under the prices, terms, quality, volume and other conditions of the contract at the site of major construction or repairs, in order to substantiate the claim. 5. You want to determine the cost of correcting the violations during the execution of construction works under the contract (construction contract), to change its price legitimately.

In addition to the independent construction and technical expertise of real estate we do also the court technical-building expertise.

Court construction and technical expertise - conducted by a court in civil or arbitration proceedings in order to identify the flaw construction, the determination of damages and the cost of restoration, is one of the most complex types of examinations that require expert qualifications and more experience.

Trial construction and technical expertise is appointed in cases where during the trial there is a need for special knowledge in the design, renovation, repair, dismantling of buildings, assessment of building damage and flooding from the breaches, calculating the cost of repair.

One of the most important aspects of the appointment of construction expertise – definition by court of claims to building expertise. The accuracy of the questions asked depends to a large extent on the court decision.

Experts of ZAO UBPR hold preliminary consultations on the text and list of questions, timing and costs of forensics.

  • Description of the object and the defects found with reference to the regulations.
  • Photos of construction works’ defects.
  • Calculation of basic amount of construction work.
  • A list of reconstruction works  in the building, indicating the volume.
  • Control cost calculation to determine the damage.
  • Consulting support for the conflict in the construction sector during the pretrial phase.
  • Expert consulting support in preparing the statement of claim in court.

Thanks to the ZAO UBPR’s  own equipment, laboratories and wide profile experts (surveyors, geologists, planners, quantity surveyors), we can offer you competitive price, shortest time and skilled help.