1. Letter of Appreciation from 2008 for General Director of CJSC "Management of bank protection and counter-operations" Anatoly Evgenievich Kabin from the Head of Administration Lazarevsky inter- district of Sochi Mr. Filonov V.P. for active participation in preparing the celebrations of the 63rd anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

2. Head of Administration of the Central District of Sochi Yashnov I.N., awarded the general director of the “Management of bank protection and counter-operations” Anatoly E. Kabin with the letter from 2008 for long-term fruitful work and achievements in the development of a building complex, the successful performance of tasks for designing and commissioning in service and manufacturing facilities of high quality, and to commemorate the "Day of the builder"

3. By chairman of the Board of Veterans Affairs Directorate in the city of Sochi, Kuhtinov G.S. , is awarded with certificate of merit from 10.11.2008 Joint Stock Company "Management of bank protection and counter-work" for achieving significant results in their professional activities, a high level of services provided, a distinguished contribution to the development of a public fund to assist veterans ATC Sochi "Mercy" and the beneficial cooperation.

4. Letter of thanks from 15.05. 2008 to the General director of the Office of bank protection and counter-operations Anatoly E. Kabin from the President of Olympic Committee of Russia in Krasnodar Region V.D. Koba for their efforts on the delivery of equipment for the Russian national teams participating in the XXIX Summer Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 .

5. Qualification Certificate Series AK-02 № 0001017 from 03.10.2008, on the conduct of operations with high reliability and quality handing in to Anatoly E. Kabin, who confirms that, working as general director of ZAO UBPR, he possesses the necessary qualifications of scientific knowledge for guidance of works specified in the corporate charter and licenses, with higher rates of reliability and quality (valid for 4 years).