ZAO “UBPR” has in place all the necessary equipment for the production of required works, including: installation of exploratory drilling (URB - 2A2M, URB-2D3) on the basis of all-terrain vehicles KAMAZ, small  portable drilling rigs (UCB - 12-25),  High and low-passable UAZ - 390 994 and GAZ-66 for production of works in confined spaces as well as snowmobile "Buran" and special rigging to work at the level of snow more than 1 meter.

The enterprise has also the  equipment:

Georodar "Loza - 1B - used for geophysical studies of soil depth up to 100 meters using analysis of the amplitude of the reflected signal, and 3 D – processing with specialized engineering and geodetic equipment;

Autonomous hydraulic systems DSM, robotic systems Trimble S 6, DiNi 0.3;

Directional surveillance systems of rocks, tilt-meter, pressure sensors, which allow high accuracy and speed to determine the critical strain of buildings and structures at construction site and in the zone of influence of construction;

Devices for engineering and technical surveys: IDS-1-the measurer of lengths of piles. Allows to define the length of the single pile, pile in the grillage, defects in the pile. CC 1401 - ultrasonic tester for detecting defects, assessment of concrete strength by measuring the velocity and transit time of ultrasonic signals in concrete, POS 50MG4-to determine the actual strength of concrete in structures, etc.

Treatment of materials of engineering and geological studies and design work is done strictly on the Licensed Software of leading producers.