In 2008, acquired and certified was ground-survey laboratory - measuring-computational complex "ACIS (automated system for the construction and engineering research), which represents the functional integration of a set of measuring instruments, computer and mechanical devices (tools) designed to test the physical and mechanical strength and deformation properties of soils.

The laboratory also has the following equipment:

1. Geo-radar GPR "Loza - 1B - used for geophysical studies of soil depth up to 100 meters using analysis of the amplitude of the reflected signal and 3-D processing, specialized engineering and geodetic equipment; 2. Stand-alone hydraulic system DSM, robotic systems Trimble S 6, DiNi 0.3; (to allow round the clock monitoring). 3. Directional surveillance systems of rocks, tilt-meter, pressure sensors, which allow high accuracy and speed to determine the critical strain of buildings and structures at construction site and in the zone of influence of construction. Devices for engineering and technical surveys: 4. IDS-1-measurer of length of the piles. Allows to determine the length of the single pile, pile in the grillage, defects in the pile. 5. CC 1401 - ultrasonic tester for defect detection, assessment of concrete strength by measuring the velocity and transit time ultrasonic signals in concrete; 6. PIC-50MG4-to determine the actual strength of concrete in structures, etc.

Treatment of materials of engineering and geological studies and design work are being made strictly on the Licensed Software of leading vendors, including: AutoCAD 2008/2009, Geonics 2007, Microsoft Word / Excel 2003/2007, 1C 7.7, a geologist at 2.0, ArchiCAD 1.1, PhotoShop 7 , Grand estimate PROF, Windows XP | Vista, CREDO V 3.1 | Transform, Nivelin, DAT, ABBY Fine Reader 9.0, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0., NOD 32. The organization counts large number of design and survey works.

The result of our work - the presence of good feedback from customers and business partners, and realized projects.