Engineering-topographic survey

Topographic survey- package of works, implemented for the purpose of obtaining filming original of topographic map or a draft, and also the obtaining of topographical information in other way.

Topographical plan of the terrain will be the final product during topographic survey.

Summary of works( list of jobs):

  1. Creation of engineering-topographic plans with the possibility of matching (approving) them at the inspectorates( MUP “ MIG” of town Sochi, North – Caucasian interregional management of geodesy and cartography )and in exploiting organizations ( Sochivodocanal-water-supply board, Sochigorgas-gas services board , Sochi network, Sochi telecommunications etc.)
  2. Facade filming using without –reflecting tachymeters with the possibility of issuing the results of works as plans, sections, cartograms, or in electronic 3-D writing.
  3. Geodesic maintainability of construction on every stage-from bearing out to nature basic axes of building to fulfillment of executive surveying and handing in  executive drafts into supervisory and exploiting organizations.
  4. Geotechnical monitoring of building and erections bases deformations in difficult terms( carsts, sinking, ever-frozen, with dilatation ability grounds), when developing slope processes, building new erections in direct vicinity of inspecting construction.
  5. Extent of geodetic network

Works are implemented by high-tech machining technique equipment of firms:

“Leika”, “Trimble”, “Sokkia”, “Javad”, with following handling (processing) on specialized licensed softwares.

Highly qualified specialists, high-tech equipment and software ensure qualitative and quick fulfillment of geodesic  works (land measuring).

For putting into effect of engineering land-surveying the Customer provides the Work specification. One can draw it up on his own or appeal to our specialists.