Technical inspection of buildings and erections, including the Engineering networks examination

Инженерно - техническое обследование здания плавательного бассейна ООО «Санаторий «Заполярье»»Инженерно - техническое обследование строительных конструкций  жилого дома в г. СочиОбследование комплекса подпорных стен  на Приморской набережной г. СочиОбследование подпорной стены по ул. ТуапсинскойОбследование санатория ПриморьяОбследование тоннеля Тоннельдорстрой

About buildings technical observation

Engineering - technical inspection of buildings or structures is necessary, if before you have arosen the following tasks:

  • required relaying-out of the facilities;
  • required the reconstruction project, but before any reconstruction it is necessary to conduct the engineering survey of the reconstructed building designers to ensure full information;
  • required redevelopment of premises (apartments, offices), before designing which the research works are also required (during redevelopment the load, the location of the partitions can be changed);
  • to conduct engineering survey of residential houses, apartments, public buildings, unfinished construction sites before you purchase the property with the issuance of conclusions about the technical condition of the facility;
  • to survey the buildings and structures damaged by accidents, fires, earthquakes, floods (the purpose of such surveys - to establish the possibility of further use of the building and work out measures for strengthening the structures);
  • you have noticed the increasing of deformations of the building (usually a crack opening in the walls) and want to assess the degree of danger and the possibility of further exploitation of the building;
  • is planning to resume the unfinished construction, which you need to clarify the current technical condition of the "unfinished" (sometimes it is inexpedient to continue the construction);
  • you plan to buy a building or premises in the building, and you want to find out his real state (strongly recommend a survey, at todays prices for the real estate mistake can become costly);
  • When creating a set of documents on the "unauthorized construction" (to the executive documentation, that is to draft, still required and a description of the current technical terms of the object), drawing of measurement drafts.

Terms and cost of engineering and technical inspection of buildings and structures

  • The cost of the technical inspection of buildings and structures largely depends on you, the survey is impossible without interaction with the customer. Information obtained by you in the archive or from the previous owner of the building can save you money. Factors that reduce the cost of the survey work:
  • importantly - exactly stated the work specification (to determine the appropriated scope of work and research we can together);
  • designers - if the survey comes earlier than reconstruction, redevelopment, or overhaul, it must be to interact with designers, to which you applied for reconstruction (it would be reasonable and reconstruction order to us), then and design specification for an examination will be designers’ – this is the best solution;
  • documentation of the object - (draft, passport TIB, the records of the earlier surveys);
  • presence of access to structures - provide interviewers unhindered passage to all rooms (especially difficult to do this on residential and secure facilities).

All these factors you can use to reduce the cost of technical inspection of the building. In addition to these factors, the cost is also influenced by the location, volume, area and state of the object, the number of copies of the report, the purpose of the survey.

The result of a technical survey of the building

As a result of the engineering survey you will receive our report, which based on the objectives of the survey, there are the following:

  • expert opinion with a brief conclusion on the results of engineering survey, in the conclusion is usually assessed the possibility of operating the building in its current state, the possibility of increasing the load or change the design scheme after reconstruction or relaying-out;
  • A brief description of the existing building, its space-planning and constructive solutions;
  • photographic images of defects discovered during the examination (usually those that may affect the further exploitation of the building, that are significant);
  • the results of technical inspection of individual structures (walls, bases, roofs) with a detailed description of the design, defects, recommendations on further exploitation or reinforcing of construction (all under the current regulations);
  • a detailed conclusion with recommendations for the strengthening of individual structures and further exploitation of all buildings (premises), as well as predictive characteristic of building structures and further using them after reconstruction, redevelopment, or strengthening;
  • Results of laboratory tests (if necessary);
  • graphical part with the drawings, including measuring drawings (if necessary);
  • check calculations of individual structures (if necessary);

All registration is realized on a computer on the latest software. One copy of the report remains in our archive.

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